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Hooray!! Our book Disasters of the Pikes

Susan Fletcher was born in Colorado. When her father wasn't keeping the free world safe from Russian missiles at  his space-defense job,  he was an amateur photographer who let young Susan play with his cameras. She grew up with some sweet 1960s Nikons. In addition to taking photos, she loved drawing and writing stories.  


Fletcher currently lives in Colorado  and  is a historian, writer, and visual artist. 

Fletcher is the author of the new book  Exploring The History of American Childhood Through 50 Historic Treasures. This book explores  material culture of play in the United States 1840-2000 by looking at some of America's favorite toys and games including  G.I. Joe, Barbie, Lincoln Logs, Crayola Crayons, and Tetris.  You can find her book here.  
 In 2011 she co-edited  the book Dawson Trotman in His Own Words about the founder of The Navigators. Fletcher has also written numerous chapters for the Pikes Peak Library District's Regional History Book Series, including a chapter on the effects of the Waldo Canyon Fire on Glen Eyrie. 
Fletcher also  enjoys writing for Springs Magazine, where she covers arts, health, and other local stories. In 2016 she covered a taxidermy workshop and got roped into doing some taxidermy herself - and now has a stuffed rat at home to prove it.  

Visual Art

Fletcher has studied painting and drawing under regionally renowned artist Floyd Tunson,  the art faculties of Oklahoma Baptist University and Lee University, and has been a student of Brett Andrus of the SPQR Experimental Art Space for the last ten years. She draws inspiration from the great illustrators of the past such as Charles Dana Gibson. She is also interested in the work of Jamie Wyeth and was moved to tears by seeing his painting "The Guardian" in person for the first time. 

Fletcher is currently interested in watercolor, and pen and ink work. She recently completed a series on a real-life green parrot who visits Colorado Springs haunts.  She is now working on a series called "TaxiDermy" - about a zebra who drives a taxi. She is also working a grown-up coloring book about Colorado Springs. Her work is featured in The Navigators U.S. Headquarters Building Art Collection and in private collections.



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