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Day 100!!!!

It’s Day 100 of my 100 People in 100 Days project! I can hardly believe it! One hundred days is a very long time and a lot has happened. I have been transferring the notes that I took in my journal and day book to a calendar in order to tabulate my results. I added everyone up that I wrote down in my work journal – about twenty two days worth – and have come up with 83 people. I only got through February from my personal journal entries and had to stop because it made me too sad to continue, so no totals yet from that. Dear readers, the last 100 days have been very sad in my little existence, and the big story has been my journey of healing from my ACL tear, my beloved boss being laid off from our organization, and continuing to grieve the loss of my father. Hard stuff to relive from my notes. This 100 Days project has been a bright spot in this time frame, and gave me something to look forward to every day. I am eager to share my reflections on this experience. Right now I am on my way to a concert at the same concert venue where I formulated my idea for the project and kicked it off 100 days ago – starting at Ivywild and ending at Ivywild. Here’s hoping to meet some awesome people on my 100th day.

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