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Miss(es) and Mister(s) January

Since I did such an abysmal job of counting all of the people that I met in 2014 through my 100 Days 100 People Project, I thought that I should start summarizing that data at the end of each month this year. Yes, I still need to count my 2014 people, but until then, here’s a glimpse at the people I met so far in 2015.

Number of new people met in January 2015: 56

Where did I meet them? January was a busy month for me and had some great people-meeting opportunities. As I mentioned in my previous post, I traveled to Louisville for the AASLH Program Committee Meeting, and you’ve already heard about my serendipitous re-encounter with a stranger that I met at a museum. Prior to the Louisville leg of the trip, I flew into Indianapolis for a very quick 36-hour visit with one of my best friends from grad school. I met her adorable baby M, who is four months old and gives excellent baby snuggles.

I caught a ride to L-ville with a friend from the Indiana Historical Society and as I waited for her at IHS I met some of the new hires there. Once in Louisville, I met several of my colleagues in the field. I also had a chance to meet the manager of the schmancy restaurant Proof, and she told us about the “art gallery” across the hall. This gallery turned out to be the famous Hotel 21C – a cool art hotel in downtown Louisville. Thanks to this nice lady, my friends and I squeezed in an extra hour of adventure during our post-dinner art viewing. On the way home I sat next to an early 20s guy who had forgotten his carry-on luggage inside the airport terminal.

I had my first solo art show at the Ute Pass Library. I met awesome Librarian Lisa and I got to see her sweet little library branch for the first time. At my opening/closing party I met friends-of-friends and several curious library patrons who wondered what was going on.


Other than that, I met people in the usual way through daily life: guests at a few parties, a barista who got my Starbucks order wrong, congregants at church, new people at work meetings, two art models, etc. I also met Cody, the foul-mouthed middle-schooler who told us to get the *#& off of his school campus when my trainer and I were doing laps around the track one morning.

Favorite People: Baby M, Justin-of-Museum, and Librarian Lisa

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