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News Anchor Turned Boxing Coach

I have another entry in my 100 people in 100 days, my first with a B-list local celebrity: Apparently one of our long-time local news anchors goes to my gym. I’ve watched this guy on TV since I was a tiny girl. He strolled in and started beating the heck out of the boxing pillar next to my sedate bosu ball balancing exercises. I was pretty sure that he probably just wanted to be left alone to pound out his woes over being recently laid off from his station, so I didn’t say anything to him until the very end. As I strolled away, I said, “I’ve never seen anyone using that boxing pillar before…” His eyes lit up and said, “I can show you how to use it!” And then he proceeded to show me the proper American way to throw straight punches, and had me try some too. Former news anchor turned boxing coach. Good knee stability on that man too – he was showing me how he can balance on the bosu ball on one leg after I told him I had been assigned that challenge in physical therapy.

I’ve been living up to my 100 days challenge and have lots more new people to share. As I have time, I’ll tell you all about them.

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