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Part 2: The Thrilling Tale of the Witch of Endor

Susannelein’s Quick OT Summaries:   The Thrilling Tale of the Witch of Endor.

1 Samuel 28: “Samuel the prophet was dead. Not mostly dead – really dead. The Philistine army marched closer and closer and King Saul was super-afraid. He said, “Since God doesn’t seem to be answering me, I totally need to ask Samuel what to do.” And his men were probably like, “Um, he’s dead.” And Saul said, “Oh yeah. Look, I know that I kicked all of the witches out of the country but I need someone to raise Samuel from the dead, so go find me a witch.” So they found a witch who lived at Endor, which is a place near Israel, not a planet.  Saul and his men put on disguises and went to her house. He said, “I need you to raise someone from the dead. Bring up Samuel!”  She argued for a while but eventually agreed. When she saw Ghost-Samuel rising out of the ground she screamed, “Dangit, you’re actually Saul! You totally deceived me. Anyway, I see a ghost rising up and he’s wearing a prophet robe so it must be Samuel because he’s the only one who has that outfit.” Saul was really scared and fell on his face. Ghost-Samuel was like, “Hey! Hey! I was totally resting! Why did you wake me up??” Saul said, “The Philistines are coming and I need you to help plan my attack.” (Note: this is maybe where Inigo got the idea to raise Wesley from the dead to help plan his attack on the 6-fingered man. But I digress). And Ghost-Samuel was like, “You’re a disobedient  jerk-face and the Lord has torn your kingdom away from you. And get ready, because tomorrow you’re going to join me in the grave when the Philistines kill you.”  Saul was faint with terror. The witch lifted him off the ground and laid him out on her bed. She cooked him some food and strengthened him. Then Saul left. We’ll see what happens to him tomorrow!

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