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Seeing The Princess Bride on the Big Screen. Also, Meeting New People

I just experienced the fulfillment of a childhood dream. You know, an actual recurring dream that I used to have when I was a kid. No joke: every so often I would dream that The Princess Bride (a.k.a. my Favorite Book and Movie of All Time) was set to reappear in the real movie theaters. I used to dream about Newsies reappearing as well [I was a little young to have seen both of them during their first released and heretofore had only ever seen them on video}, in addition to Frank Peretti writing new Copper Kids Adventure books, so that gives you a picture of what a nerdy filmy literary little kid I used to be.


I have also been keeping up with my commitment to meet one new person every day for the next 100 days. After I posted about my project on Monday, things have been far less interesting than they were over the weekend. Monday and Tuesday were mundane workdays and on these ordinary days I don’t typically encounter lots of new people. So on Monday I said hello to two girls on my Zumba class who didn’t seem very excited to meet me in return, and Tuesday I was formally introduced to my young friend M’s boyfriend who I had seen around but never really talked to. Today I set up an exhibit in our historic house and was more in the public eye so I was around more people to potentially meet, and that seems to work well. I met a new guy moving into the men’s dorm on our campus and two new tour guides.  I also kept my appointment to meet G, who is compiling a book about the historic houses in my city. G came over to my office to talk about his chapter on our property, and he brought me a beautiful matted 16×20 B&W photograph as a gift. I love meeting new people who bring me presents! 

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