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Two Thoughts To Warm My Little History Nerd Heart

It’s Monday morning after a nice little weekend. The Pikes Peak Regional History Symposium went very well last the week before last and I had a great time chatting with my fellow presenters. I don’t get to do a lot of pure historical research in my job right now, so preparing for the symposium made me feel a little more like “me.” This morning I had two historical nerd-out thoughts:

1) I am super-excited for the upcoming Conference on Faith and History. I’ve been looking forward to this for two years, ever since they announced that the 2014 CFH was going to be at Pepperdine. Historians in Malibu! I have this vision of some of our older gentlemen professors sitting awkwardly on the beach in their tweed sports coats with elbow patches, along with their beards and glasses. I’m really looking forward to playing on the beach myself (in appropriate swimwear), seeing LA for the first time, and being with my history colleagues. The theme this year is public history, which makes me just giddy. Do you want to join me there? You can check out the conference registration page and the local arrangements here.

2) It’s the final round for the museum dance-off contest at When You Work at A Museum! Thunderdome time, people. I don’t want to sway the voting too much, but if you’re the easily persuaded kind, you should probably give a vote for the Indiana State Museum. There are lots of gratuitous shots of the glass hallway above the Indianapolis canal, where I walked to my office (well, my desk in paper storage) every day, and you can see my friends and former colleagues dancing their little hearts out. It makes me miss working in that museum, but the video certainly does make me HAPPY. Click on the first link to vote in the Thunderdome.

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